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   SDCL is a large Thai own Single- source 3rd Party Logistics Solu-tion Provider with the most com-prehensive nationwide network.
We are SDCL.
  Thai own Single- source 3 rd Party Logistics Solution Provider
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Value-added Services

As a large Thai own Single-source 3rd Party Logistics Solution Provider giving services in all area of logistics, SDCL also provide the following added services to clients:

Handle all Customs formalities for in and outbound shipments.
Flexible in providing customized options.
Distribution management through Bonded Warehouse.
Order processing and regenerating (preprinted) invoice through SDCL's DC network.
SDCL's LMOL permits access to the data for authorized persons 24hourly.
Provision of customized reports.
Work closely with client for tailor-made projects.

Competitive Advantages

Being the Thai own Single-source 3rd Party Logistics Solution Provider operating distribution centers at strategic locations, all are on-lined with HO and clients, with high flexibility in providing customized options, SDCL is well positioned to serve most needs demanded by local and overseas suppliers, trading companies and distributors.

Most third party logistics companies have only one central warehouse, normally in Bangkok; some may have depots but not the distribution centers which is the core of logistics business. Consequently, it would be difficult for such companies to duplicate the services provided by SDCL as distribution centers handle inventory whereas depots do not.

SDCL's services have become well recognized and widely accepted amongst retail outlets, especially in the traditional trading category. The Company is perceived as local Thai company that understand customer's requirements and in-market demand thus having competitive advantages, especially when customers wish to reach out to retail outlets that are scattered throughout the country.

SDCL give our clients the competitive advantages via our skills, knowledge and technology to achieve maximum efficiency throughout the logistical operations.© 2005 All Right Reserved.