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   SDCL is a large Thai own Single- source 3rd Party Logistics Solu-tion Provider with the most com-prehensive nationwide network.
We are SDCL.
  Thai own Single- source 3 rd Party Logistics Solution Provider
.:: Overview ::.

           SDCL is the pioneer in Regional Logistics Warehousing and Distribution in Thailand. The regional logistics system comprises a main distribution center located in the Greater Bangkok Metropolitan area (the Central DC) and a network of Regional Distribution Centers (RDCs) are strategically located in country major provinces. The system facilitates logistics in each DC for prompt distribution within its assigned region.

Whereas practically all logistics companies in Thailand have only centralized logistics and employ only one Central DC in Greater Bangkok Metropolitan area. All activities are carried out in one DC thus merchandise is distributed to depots and outlets in other parts of the country.

Recognizing the market demand for better service level together with the lack of competition in the niche regional logistics market, SDCL had set up regional distribution centers in key provinces of the country. The Company has thus become a unique third party regional logistics service provider with the most comprehensive nationwide network in Thailand.© 2005 All Right Reserved.