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   SDCL is a large Thai own Single- source 3rd Party Logistics Solu-tion Provider with the most com-prehensive nationwide network.
We are SDCL.
  Thai own Single- source 3 rd Party Logistics Solution Provider
.:: The Logistics Management On-Line System (LMOL) Interface ::.
     Generally, customer inputs (relevant instructions in connection with a consignment delivery to the Bangkok DC) are registered and transferred into the main system (via modem) of SDCL. The Bangkok DC processes the consignment as instructed and SDCL inputs into the main system the receipt of the consignment. And issues further instructions to the Bangkok DC and to other Regional DCs via online.

Bangkok DC generates invoice(s) for prompt delivery and thereafter the DC inputs the delivery status into the main system and updates inventory. These procedures are duplicated at each of the Regional DCs. Effectively, this creates a master database at the head office from where customers and all distribution centers can access into at all times.

The LMOL system has a C2 level security of which only customer having an account with SDCL (with a unique assigned identification code and password) can access the information of their own account containing information/data that customer and SDCL has input into the main system.

SDCL's network of distribution centers together with the LMOL system allows manufacturers and/or trading companies to manage their merchandise inventory more efficiently at nominal costs. SDCL's services earned nationwide reputation for timely and reliable delivery and end-user satisfaction that is evidenced by the increase in sales and profitability of its customers.© 2005 All Right Reserved.