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   SDCL is a large Thai own Single- source 3rd Party Logistics Solu-tion Provider with the most com-prehensive nationwide network.
We are SDCL.
  Thai own Single- source 3 rd Party Logistics Solution Provider
.:: Business Description ::.

       SDCL's Head Office is in the city business center. It operates three Distribution Centers (DCs) and one sub-distribution center (cross-dock) All are strategically located in key provinces providing a comprehensive network servicing major business hubs throughout Thailand .

       The Bangkok Central DC covers the greater Bangkok Metropolitan and surrounding areas. The Khon Kaen Regional DC is responsible for all cities in the central and northeastern provinces. The Chiang Mai Regional DC covers all the northern provinces . Due to the increased activities in the south, the cross-dock at Had Yai was assigned for activities in the southern provinces.

       Each DC is fully equipped for logistics operations and own delivery fleet i.e. straight trucks (4,6 and 10 wheelers) and pickups for prompt delivery. In addition to this, SDCL also has a fleet of trailers for haulage service for container trucking.

       All DCs are computer on-line with head office and authorized clients via the Logistic Management On-line System (LMOL) providing the "real time" assessment of inventory transactions, transportation tracing and tracking.

SDCL's scope including but not limiting to the following:

•  In and Outbound Customs formalities.
•  Trailers, Straight Trucks and Delivery Fleet
•  Warehousing in DC and Regional DCs (including Bonded Warehouse Operation)
•  Warehouse Consolidate Planning
•  Re-packing and/or Redressing
•  Logistics Management On-line System (LMOL)
•  Order Processing and Invoicing at each DC
•  Nationwide Distributions and Recalls
•  Special Projects
•  Client's Customized Options
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